My Winter Pantry


Here is a list of some of my current pantry favs. I like to keep foods that are as local and as seasonal as possible (for living in Canada), with some obvious GF or DF exceptions.

Meg’s Top Pantry Items, Winter 2014:
  1. Microgreens or sprouts -I can grow sprouts on my own but I love what Toronto’s KindOrganics sprout company produces. I’m glad to support them. Greens include kale, arugula, spinach and romaine.
  2. Root veg -these are seasonal  veggies, and they are delicious roasted, in soups, spiral cut into a salad, and as baked fries! my favs: beets, carrots, parsnip, and yams.
  3. Baby kale and arugula which is grown year round in greenhouses. We buy monstrous amounts.
  4. Sanagan’s Meat locker meats. Found in Kensington Market, Toronto, they only sell from local farmer’s that produce hormone and antibiotics free meats. A+ in my books. We don’t eat a lot of meat, but when we do quality and how it’s grown is essential.
  5. Ontario apples – Ontario is a champion province for agriculture and fruit is high on its list of local produce grown in the province.
  6. Avocado & almonds – not at all local but I love the healthy fats found in avocado and how easy it is to grind up almonds to use as a flour in baking. Almonds are a gluten-free staple for me.
  7. Anything with probiotics! This includes homemade sauerkraut and pickles, and my own homemade kombucha.
  8. Garlic and onions for cooking.
  9. Local free-range eggs.
  10. Any of my favorite gluten-free products I might occasionally use:
  • King Soba noodles: buckwheat, yam and brown rice, wakame and brown rice. This brand is high in fiber and uses minimal ingredients.
  • Queen St Bakery bread: they use legumes in their flour blend, grape skin for added fiber and simply taste great.
  • Mary’s Caraway crackers: uses great ingredients and whole seeds.

2 thoughts on “My Winter Pantry

  1. Yum. Sounds very healthy. How do you use your sprouts up? Sometimes I find that I’ll get zealous about growing sprouts but am overwhelmed after the first day of them in salad and sandwiches…. Also, do you have a sprout that you prefer?

    • Great questions, Wren! I absolutely adore sprouts for their nutrient density, enzymes, and easy access for sprucing up any meal. Garlic and radish sprouts steal the show for flavor and are always a number one choice for me. As for uses, like you, i put them on salads, wraps, and sandwiches, but I also enjoy them in homemade pesto, on soups, a garnish on homemade pizza before its served, to name a few. They really are quite versatile when it comes to how they can be used, as long as they are raw.

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